Retrosound Class D 3 Channel Power Amplifier Stereophonic


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Retrosound Class D 3 Channel Power Amplifier Stereophonic

The Retrosound Stereophonic 3-channel amplifier has two 65 watts RMS full-range front channels for mids and highs plus a mono channel with up to 229 watts (2 ohms) for a subwoofer allowing a complete audio system to be built using a single Stereophonic amplifier. Low-level RCA inputs allow Stereophonic to work with any aftermarket radio with RCA outputs. Stereophonic is bridgeable and 4 ohms and 2 ohms stable.

Stereophonic offers an exceptional dynamic range for the best possible sound reproduction from your RetroSound audio system. The full-range channels have a high-pass crossover for use with full-range speakers. The mono channel has a low-pass crossover to fine-tune the bass frequencies for use with a subwoofer. A selectable input mode allows switching between 2 and 3 channel operation.

Stereophonic also features low current draw and Class D Digital circuitry. With the exceptional dynamic range and low distortion, you'll get the best possible sound from your audio system.


  • 65 watts RMS x 2 channels full-range @ 4 ohms
  • 170 watts RMS x 1 channel subwoofer @ 4 ohms (229 watts RMS @ 2 ohms)
  • Bass Boost
  • Full-range Class D digital circuitry
  • Advanced protection circuitry
  • Built-in low pass (LPF) and high pass (HPF) electronic crossovers
  • Selectable mode switch for 2 and 3 channel operation
  • Works with any aftermarket radio with low-level outputs
  • Dimensions: 12x5.25x2 inches

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