Meta Number plate Parking Sensors (Easy Park Targa)

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Meta Number plate Parking Sensors (Easy Park Targa)

Meta Easy Park Targa - 2 Sensor Number Plate system ABP04650

Meta Easy Park car reversing aid is cleverly designed to mount behind the rear vehicle number plate, allowing an extremely neat, unobtrusive fit.

View the installation guide online, (below)

This patented mounting system usually requires no bodywork drilling, making it simple and inexpensive to fit. See into those blind spots and avoid parking bumps and accidents. A discreet in-car speaker emits an audible tone which increases in intensity until a constant tone sounds when the obstacle is 30cm away.

Please Note: If your vehicle has a tow bar or rear door mounted spare wheel, follow the RTGi masking directions in the instructions (download below)

  • Low current draw
  • No need for bumper sensors
  • No need for drilling or damage to your vehicle bodywork (wiring is required to enter the boot for connections)
  • Detects obstacles up to1.5 metre range
  • Also suitable for vans and motorhomes.
  • Unique patented design
  • Ideal for vehicles that represent installation challenges - mobility vehicles, motorhomes, bespoke conversions and vehicles with metal bumpers.
  • Activates automatically when the driver selects reverse gear
  • Adjustable sensitivity range (up to 1.5 metres)
  • Positioned in a neat, production moulded housing to eliminate drilling to the bodywork, making for a quick and easy installation.
  • 10 Degree angle built in to accommodate different bumpers - can be angled either way dependant on design.
  • Unique intelligent system tow bar masking system, programmable to accommodate tow bars, bull bars, bicycle racks etc
  • Easy diagnostics for servicing
  • Can be removed and re-installed on leased vehicle's
  • Performance comparable with conventional systems
  • Range of accessories available, including display...


The Easy Plate 2 is a high-quality number plate parking sensor that makes reversing into tight spots a breeze. These sensors activate automatically when the driver selects reverse gear, allowing for effortless and accurate parking. The sensors have adjustable sensitivity, which can reach up to 1.5 meters, making it easy to detect obstacles in your path. The offset setting can be programmed to accommodate a spare wheel, ensuring the sensors work properly even when your vehicle is carrying extra weight. Additionally, obstacle masking can be activated during installation, allowing you to configure the sensors to ignore certain objects, such as a bike rack or hitch. With the Easy Plate 2, you can feel confident reversing into any spot and know that you will avoid any potential accidents.

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