Hirschmann Universal Electric Retractable Antenna AM FM AUTA 2050

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Universal fitting electric antenna for 12 volt negative earth vehicles. It uses the same Hirschmann screw-type connection for the coaxial aerial cable to the radio, so there is no need to cut it or to find an adapter. Small and compact, it will fit in virtually all vehicles.

This aerial is a perfect replacement for the older 6000U type aerial common in many 1970s and early '80s Mercedes-Benz's as well as many other cars. The antenna is universal, it can be installed on any Make/Brand of vehicle that will accommodate it.

  • Three-wire power connection (Permanent, Switched, Earth)
  • Cable Length: Power: 2m, Coaxial Lead:1.5m
  • 12-volt negative earth
  • Adjustable Angle Head from 0 - 30 degree angle
  • Rust-free stainless telescope mast
  • Screw Type "Hirschmann" Connector at the Aerial end
  • DIN Type "Banana" Connector at the radio end.
  • Internal relay
  • Wiring kit included

Help on how to wire up your electric aerial… Click

Please note that although very simple to install, all electric aerials should have the top nut on and tight before motoring up the mast. We recently had someone who bench tested his aerial and was confused when the mast shot out along with the purlon rope because he had removed the top. To then blame the product as faulty and not as described or fit for purpose was a little frustrating for us as you may imagine.

Alternative products 7677154 (Silver Mast) or 7677155 (Black Mast)

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