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Secret Stereo Remote Controlled Bluetooth Amplifier

This easy to install tiny hidden Bluetooth amplifier is controlled by the on-dash or under-dash mounted Bluetooth Interface Controller.

Stream music from your smartphone or other Bluetooth enabled portable music devices.

Can be installed in Classic Cars, Boats, Trailers or any 12-volt negative earth vehicle.

If you have a vehicle that is difficult to fit a normal radio, for instance, the Morris Minor you could fit this kit and download a radio app to your phone like Radioplayer

No need to drill the car to fit an aerial.

Retain the appearance of your vehicles interior & exterior.

Bluetooth Interface Controller

Add Bluetooth to any audio system with this simple, weatherproof controller. Built as tough as the trails you ride, the controller makes it easy to change the source, volume or track at any speed - on any terrain.

Equipped with a stereo RCA output the Bluetooth Controller automatically pairs with your phone and mutes the music for incoming calls (does not provide hands free capability).


2 Channel Amplifier

Micro compact super small 2-channel amplifier with power of 150W

  • - Max power output 2 x 75W 4 Ohm
  • - RMS output 2 x 25W 4 Ohm
  • - 3.5mm Aux In or RCA Input
  • - Input Sensitivity - 130mV - 2.5V
  • - Input level control
  • - Low pass/High pass filter - 80Hz-120Hz
  • - Short circuit protection
  • - Thermal protection
  • - Dimensions: 78 x 100 x 39 mm

The enclosure has to have at least 5 cm (2) ventilation space at all sides, to allow the heat to rise away from the amplifier. Be sure that the power and signal cables can enter the enclosure in a straight line, to avoid the risk of malfunction. Always place the power- and signal cables at opposite sides of the vehicle to reduce any noises. The amplifier should be protected from exposure to moisture and direct sunlight.

Remember to always disconnect battery ground before working on a vehicles electrical system! Always place a fuse or circuit breaker no more than 30 cm (12) from the battery, no greater than the fuse(s) of your amplifier for optimal protection.

First, the +12V terminal is connected directly to the battery of your car. Use a cable of at least 10 mm2 and make sure that the connectors are of the same value. Don't forget the extra Vehicle protection fuse. The +12V terminal should NOT be connected to the car fuse box.

Second, the ground terminal (GND) must be fastened securely to the chassis of the vehicle with the same mm2 cable as the positive cable (the same amount of
power has to run through it). Ensure that all paint, undercoating or any other insulation is removed from the area where you want to make your connection to.
Finally, there is still one wire to connect, to switch the amplifier ON or OFF. This is the yellow wire. Connect this wire to the ignition of your vehicle, for switching ON and OFF simultaneously with the vehicle. Or connect it to a separate switch, so that the amplifier can be switched ON or OFF whenever you want.

Pay attention in connecting your speakers. Be sure to observe correct speaker output connections for the front, rear and their polarity.
Do not use the negative speaker output commonly for left and right speakers (common ground). Improper polarity causes a loss of bass response.

Never connect the negative speaker output to the chassis of your vehicle. This can cause severe damage to your Car Audio System.

Put the input level adjustment knob to the minimum.
Put the volume of your source to 3/4 of the maximum.
Now adjust the input level of the front channel. Slowly turn up the input level and listen carefully until you hear the amplifier begin to distort. A Caliber Amplifier clips very softly, so this can sometimes be a difficult adjustment.

Specification of the Bluetooth Controller:

  • Wireless Bluetooth Technology
  • Membrane keypad for responsive control
  • Start/Stop, Volume & skip track functions
  • IP66 water resistance
  • Bluetooth v4.0
  • A2DP profile
  • AUX In through 3.5mm jack
  • Remote in feature for auto-turn on
  • Remote out for switching on an amplifier
  • Bluetooth Range up to 10m
  • Built in line driver for x3 voltage output
  • Auto reconnect to paired device

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