Dynamat Xtreme Tesla door kit - Tesla model 3


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Dynamat Xtreme Custom Cut Kits are the easiest way to make your vehicle Dynamat equipped and vibration free.

Each kit contains sheets of Dynamat Xtreme pre-cut to match the body panels of your vehicle. All you need to do is strip the panel ready for application, then peel and stick each sheet to the corresponding location on the vehicle. No cutting, no wastage, just the perfect amount of Xtreme to reduce the vibrational noise of your Tesla.

Please note: You will need to make 2 minor adjustments to this kit:

IMAGE 1: The arrow shows the hole that needs to be cut out. The circle shows roughly where it is on the door panel

IMAGE 2: This gives a clearer view of where the additional hole needs to be cut out

IMAGE 3: The Dynamat must be installed around these 2 clips located at the top of the door. You will need to cut away a small amount of material

This Dynamat Xtreme Custom Cut Kit covers the inside and outside of all 4 doors to create a solid, quiet ride in a 2017-Present Tesla Model 3.

Vehicle fitment - Tesla Model X 2017>

Install location - Front & Rear Doors

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