Plug and Play USB CD for Range Rover Evoque Sport Velar Vogue with InControl Touch


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Plug and Play USB CD for Range Rover Evoque Sport Velar Vogue with InControl Touch

USB CD Player for your Range Rover or Landrover vehicle with the InControl touch media system.


Do you miss your old car stereo that had an inbuilt CD player? Why do we need a CD in the car when you can stream everything from your phone or rip the CD content to MP3 on a USB stick? Nothing sounds quite as good as the original soundtrack when played on your CD does it?
How much easier was it just to pop a disc in and press play?

Modern car radios have moved away from in-dash CD or even CD multi-changers because it is becoming like the cassette tape, an out of date medium, BUT if you really liked the convenience and sound quality we have the answer.

People have tried to improvise with computer disc drives or cheap CD drives from eBay, these devices are not smart and don’t have the correct drivers for most car stereo units so they simply don’t work.

The new small hideaway plug and play CD player simply works out of the box as long as your head units running on Android 4.4 or with a USB Media player that supports .wav file playback (which most modern cars have).

No more ripping CDs to MP3


This new CD player upgrade from Adaptiv gives you back that choice, allowing you to enjoy your music on the move via disc in newer vehicles without a CD deck. Simply plug the CD player into the vehicle’s USB port and control it as you would a USB media device. Installation takes minutes and the included bracket ensures that the product can be secured firmly in any suitable location inside the vehicle.

Supplied with a bracket for secure installation

Features & Benefits

Control the CD player as you would a USB media device

  • Small hideaway device
  • Simple USB plug and play
  • USB 2.0
  • 148mm (D) x 145mm (W) x 35mm (H)

Short Video on this product...

Vehicles Confirmed to be compatible:
Range Rover Evoque 2019
Range Rover Velar 2018>
Range Rover Vogue 2018>
Land Rover Discovery 2019


The ADV-USBCD is a conversion unit that has been designed to communicate
with your vehicles USB hub. The ADV-USBCD’s USB hub has a buffered memory.
This means it is designed to hold a small amount of information from the media
file to ensure smooth playback. It is important to understand this process and
how it works to ensure full customer satisfaction and proper operation.

1. Connect unit to the USB port.
Note: as the wiring is a data wire, dedicated charging ports will not be viable.

2. With the vehicles ignition on, proceed to select USB1/USB2 on your radio
(depending on which port you occupy). Note: the unit may not be found by the factory radio until a CD has been inserted. The process of identification could take up to 20 seconds upon disc insertion.

3. With the disc inserted, wait roughly 15-20 seconds for the ADV-USBCD to fully
‘Index’ the relevant CD information.

Note: the CD may start playing, but the ADV-USBCD will still be indexing information as stated above. To avoid the chance of erratic playback/skipping of songs, please leave the unit alone for the allotted time. If playback is interrupted, eject the current CD and replace with an alternate CD and repeat the above process.

4. Once the ADV-USBCD has fully indexed the CD, you can proceed to operate
all the CD’s songs and track listing through your factory radio as normal. 

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