Connection Sonus SFD 41C Four Way Fuse & Distribution System

ConnectionSKU: SFD 41C

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Reference Grade Fuse and Ground Distribution System IN: 1 x 1/0 Gauge OUT: 1 x 2 Gauge, 3 x 4 Gauge (8 Gauge adapter included) Distribution IN: 1 x 1/0 Gauge, OUT: 1 x 2 Gauge, 3 x 4 Guage (8AWG adapter included)

  • UNIQUE ONE PIECE fuse and ground system for clean, reliable installations
  • POLYCARBONATE casing, strong and scratch resistant
  • 1/0 AWG on both fused and ground input, 1/0 AWG pass thru on fused block
  • SMB (solid machined brass) construction for better current transfer
  • PLATINUM SATIN finish for unparalleled cosmetic appeal
  • KNURLED SCREWS for better contact with the attached wire
  • RECESSED inset cable collar for protection against stray wire strands
  • MOLDED CABLE REST keeps wires safe and nicely laid out
  • 1 " 2 AWG and 3 " 4 AWG on both AFS fused and ground outputs

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