RetroSound Europa Radio Motor 1DAB-1 DIN Classic radio

RetrosoundSKU: M1DAB-1 + Europa Face

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Retrosound Europa Motor 2 DAB DIN Classic radio.


  • DAB/DAB+ 
  • AM/FM Tuner
  • One AUX in for portable devices
  • Modular Mounting
  • Non-Volatile Memory
  • 18 watts x 4-channel RMS power amplifier
  • 3 Band EQ (Classic/Rock/Pop)
  • Built-in Bluetooth® V5.0 connectivity/Hands-Free 
  • White Display

The RetroSound Hermosa retains the original look of your vintage ride while offering the most modern electronic features available. The Hermosa has built-in Bluetooth wireless connectivity, so you can safely make hands-free telephone calls through your audio system.

The Hermosa is available in three versions: chrome push-buttons, black push-buttons and chrome face with ivory push-buttons.

The Hermosa uses the patented InfiniMount adjustable shaft system to make installation easy in virtually any classic vehicle. For added custom installations the Hermosa's radio body may be mounted remotely using the optional extension cable.

CarAudioStuff Ltd has a wide variety of mounting bezels and/or faceplates to fit your specific vehicle.

.Video (How to Assemble Your RetroSound Radio)

    Designed for Classic 70s-80s Mercedes, BMW, & Jaguar and other Vehicles

    Retro Manufacturing has developed a new DIN style radio for 70s-80s classic European vehicles. The Europa is designed to perfectly compliment the interior styling of classic BMW, Mercedes & Jaguar vehicles.

    The unique design of the Europa features paddle-style controls along with low profile push-buttons and a digital display. The familiar look and feel of the Europa will take you back to the ’80s without having to drive a modified DeLorean! Retro Manufacturing even created a new DIN kit specifically for the Europa for a hassle-free installation and a perfect fit.

    DIN fitting kit included

    Europa is compatible with the Motor 1DAB, Motor 1DAB-1, Motor 6DAB and now with the Motor 6, offering classic European car fans all the features of a modern car stereo.


    1974-80 Mercedes-Benz 240D
    1973-80 Mercedes-Benz 450 Series
    1968-74 BMW 2002
    1963-69 Mercedes-Benz L1418
    1963-69 Mercedes-Benz L1413
    1964-72 Mercedes-Benz 600
    1972-73 Mercedes-Benz 350SL
    1962-73 Mercedes-Benz 300
    1968-80 Mercedes-Benz 280
    1967-68 Jaguar 420
    1967-70 Jaguar 340
    1961-74 Jaguar XKE
    1961 Jaguar XK150
    1972-75 Jaguar XJ6
    1973-75 Jaguar XJ12
    1968-71 Jaguar XJ
    1974 Jaguar V12
    1962-76 MG Midget
    1962-80 MG MGB
    1962-66 Jaguar Mark X
    1961 Jaguar Mark IX
    1960-64 Porsche Carrera
    1978-80 Porsche 928
    1977-80 Porsche 924
    1970-76 Porsche 914
    1965-69 Porsche 912
    1965-80 Porsche 911
    1977-80 BMW 6-Series E24
    1976-80 BMW 5-Series E12
    1977-80 BMW 320i E21
    1961-69 Jaguar Mark 2
    1966-73 Mercedes-Benz 250
    1967-69 Jaguar 240
    1963-67 Mercedes-Benz 230SL
    1974-78 Mercedes-Benz 230
    1966-69 Mercedes-Benz 230
    1962-73 Mercedes-Benz 220
    1966-73 Mercedes-Benz 200
    1968-76 BMW Bavaria
    1961-67 Jaguar 2.4
    1962-65 Mercedes-Benz 190
    1971 BMW 1802
    1962-63 Mercedes-Benz 180
    1968-71 BMW 1600


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