Wing Mirror Replacement Camera Kit

CASSKU: 1080p Wing Mirror Camera

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Wing Mirror Replacement Monitors with Dual Cameras

Increase visibility on your vehicles with our dual-camera mirror system. Replacing your old mirrors with HD cameras and HD monitor system allows you to have a greater view around your vehicle increasing the safety of you, your passengers and other vulnerable road users.

Replacing your standard bus, coach or truck mirrors with a dual camera system can increase safety and reduce on fuel consumption.

The split screen view of the camera allows the driver to see next to the vehicle and at an angle to the rear of the vehicle. This view gives a greater field of vision so increasing safety for the driver and other road users.

12.3” High Definition Colour IPS Screen with Split View. The HD technology provides a sharp and detailed image. There is no reflection from the sun you would normally get in a standard mirror and the cameras have night functionality, Dual Loop Recording

The cameras are able to functionality in all conditions – light, dark cold temperatures or hot.

Increase your driver’s visibility maneuvering around traffic and increase their confidence knowing they have the full vision and safety of others

Camera Features

  • Sony Starvis 1080P Dual Camera
  • Wide Dynamic Range
  • High Frame Rate 60fps
  • Defog Function
  • Built–in Heater
  • Power DC 9~24V
  • IP69K Rated
  • Robust, Reliable & Versatile

Monitor Features

  • 12.3” HD Screen
  • Unique Image Processing Technology
  • Remote Control
  • Support 2 Channels
  • Auto Dimming Function
  • SD Card Recording
  • Power DC 10~32V
  • 4 Pin Aviation Port
  • Robust, Reliable & Versatile
  • Price for one camera and one monitor.

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