Autowatch 674Ri Remote Immobiliser (12 V)

AutowatchSKU: 674 Remote immobiliser

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The Autowatch 674Ri is a remote Immobiliser that comes with two remote controls.

The Autowatch 674Ri Remote Immobiliser uses a remote to disarm the multiple circuit immobilisation. The addition of central locking control allows the 674Ri to also control the locking and unlocking of the doors by the same remote as the immobiliser. The built in relays and security housing make the 674Ri a tough and secure immobiliser.

With most other systems the alarm can be triggered. Of course there is no siren to sound but the hazard lights will still flash. This will cause the inbuilt relays to click and help give away the immobilisers location. On top of this it does seem to have that pointless annoyance factor!

The 674Ri has the same security housing as most other Autowatch systems and is certainly the hardest stand alone remote immobiliser system to crack. The remote controls require a pin code to program so are not vulnerable to cloning. It has two inbuilt immobiliser relays along with the option of a 3rd external immobilisation cut.


  • Press remote to disarm
  • Automatic passive rearming
  • Unique PIN override for emergency
  • 2x On-board Immobilisation relays (+1 external circuit cut)
  • Built in central locking controller
  • Simple to use

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