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Bit Ten is a signal digital processor essential to maximize the acoustic performance of your Car Audio system. for OEM Car & after market HiFi sound perfection 

How many times have we met the limits of OEM or after market integration, expandability or the overall sound quality of our mobile audio system upgrades? Audison bit is the solution: multi-function digital processors capable of interfacing with any analog and/or digital source, transforming ordinary “audio” into a high-performance integrated system.

The Bit Ten and the Bit Ten D will allow you to integrate with your factory radio when adding a sound system in a similar way that the Bit One did.  They do, however, make a few sacrifices.  The Bit Ten will have 6 channels of input and only 5 channels of output, compared to the Bit One’s 8 channels in/out.  It also will not come with the DRC, which allows you to control volume, fader, sub level and more from the dash.  The Bit Ten D is the same as the Bit Ten, except it does come with the DRC.

  • 32 bit DSP
  • Automatic De equalisation
  • 31 Band Graphic Equaliser
  • Time alignment
  • 2 preset memory (with DRC)
  • Adjustable Crossover
  • Optical Input (bit TenD)
  • Digital Output (bit TenD)
  • Dash Remote Control (optional on bit Ten)
  • High Level input with signal summing
  • Aux Input
  • 5 Channel RCA output
  • 5 Turn On options
  • In/Out level adjustment
  • Hands free input with audio mute

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