Digital Radio (DAB) & AM/FM Active splitter with Amplifier

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Digital Radio AM/FM Active Splitter with Amplifier AN3023DAB

This interface generates a DAB signal from an FM Antenna only input. This allows the existing vehicle antenna to generate both AM/FM plus DAB signals from the OEM FM antenna installation

SMB Connector.

This will only work on passive antenna systems.

Simply plug inline with your head unit aerial connection and then plug the DAB plug into the DAB socket on the back of the head unit.

Connect the Red wire to the aerial power lead that is 12 volts with the radio switched

No need to install any additional DAB Antenna when installing an aftermarket DAB Tuner.

Upgrade your factory antenna by adding our inline splitter, converting it from a standard AM/FM unit to a dual band AM/FM and DAB receiver.

Simply plug inline with your head unit aerial connection connect the DAB lead. Finally link the Red wire to the aerial power lead so it switches on along with the radio. No need to replace the antenna or add an additional one elsewhere.

Please note: This will only work with an original passive antenna system (non-amplified).

If using in a marine application, please ensure the unit is completely sealed from the elements and it does not come into contact with salt water.

Why can't I use an amplified AM/FM antenna with a DAB splitter?
Using a DAB splitter on an amplified AM/FM antenna can lead to impedance mismatch, signal loss, and potential interference.

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