Amplified +15dB DAB Splitter for AM/FM & DAB/DAB+ with Adapters 70-926-D

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This splitter amp can be powered either with a phantom feed OR 12v external supply. (if both by accident no damage will occur). It can only be used on vehicles with a PASSIVE antenna already on the vehicle (i.e. no in line amplifier or in antenna base amplifier fed by a 12v feed). This is because an am/fm amp will stop at 110 MHz therefore blocking any DAB signals that would be picked up by the antenna.


  • DAB Connector : Fakra Male (Adapter to SMB Included)
  • AM/FM Connector : Fakra Male (Adapter to ISO Included)
  • ANT Inpit Connector : Fakra Male (Adapter to ISO Included)
  • DAB and AM/FM Power : 12 V (dedicated cable - red wire)

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