Ray and the team enjoyed a fantastic day at the show this year. There was a lot of interest in our specially modified Jaguar XJ6 although unfortunately, we were not able to play the fabulous sound system in this car as much as we would have liked because of a faulty mains generator.

We also had a small three radio demo stand on our stall which again was mute because of the wayward generator.

Lessons learnt for the next show, we will buy a new generator :-)

It is always enjoyable talking to classic car enthusiasts who are so knowledgeable about their particular car, and my long time in the motor trade working on most of these vintage vehicles has served me well, so I find sharing information with these guys a pleasure.

Two things we learned from this year's show was that there may be a requirement for a positive earth solution and we are going to speak to the American manufacturers of Retrosound about this. The second thing is I was surprised by how many people asked about converting original old radios to be more modern. 

I would like to thank my friend's and loyal staff and their family's for the support and help at these events.

The picture below shows my new pre-apprenticeship program in its early stages :-)



We just can't get that damnd generator to work, lol

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