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Car Trackers & Vehicle telematics – GPS Asset Tracking. Our advanced Car Trackers provide security and peace of mind that your vehicle is protected and you will know where it is at all times.

Vehicle telematics is the integrated use of telecommunications and informatics. Informatics can be telemetry or GPS. Tyre pressure sensors, fleet management, stolen vehicle recovery systems with telematics is our speciality. Meta Track Sheild andVTM 800 systems from Meta have fantastic features for very little outlay.

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Meta Trak Shield Vehicle Tracking System

  MetaTrak Shield an innovative entry-level GPS tracking system with all the features of an ..


Meta TVM801 GSM/GPS Pager Vehicle Tracking System

Using GSM/GPS technology, the insurance approved system will locate the vehicle if it is stolen. ..


Road Angel Trac-It interactive stolen vehicle recovery tracking device

Trac-It is an on-board motion detection device that monitors any unusual movement of your vehicle, c..


Three Wire Tracking Box SWT011

WiredBox: This device is used on older vehicles with no OBD connector, and also on large trucks..


TRACKER Monitor 12v Car stolen vehicle recovery

TRACKER Monitor 12v Car stolen vehicle recovery Fitted price: Installed in our workshops only. Call..


Trackstar TM450 Stolen Vehicle Recovery System

Trackstar GPS (Global Positioning System) tracking system you don’t need to know the vehicle has bee..


Vodafone Protect & Connect

Vodafone Protect & Connect is our new entry level system that provides peace of mind protection ..


VTM 700 Self Managed Alarm Dialler

SELF MANAGED ALARM DIALLER VTM 700. This is your pay as you go self managed vehicle tracking syst..


VTM 800 Vehicle Remote Access Tracker

SELF MANAGED TRACKING SYSTEM VTM 800. This is your pay as you go self managed vehicle tracking sy..