• AHD 4 Channel Mobile Digital Video Recorder

AHD 4 Channel Mobile Digital Video Recorder

What is AHD?

AHD (Analogue High Definition) is the latest technology for MDVR systems. Its main advantage is the ability to transmit images in HD (1080P) using 4 pin screw connections. This makes upgrading current systems to AHD far cheaper and faster. Unlike IP Cameras AHD cameras,AHD cameras transmit data that is not encoded resulting in real time transmission with no processing delays.
Different AHD formats

AHD has the following formats: 

•    AHDL: AHD 0.8, works with 960H AHD cameras and traditional analogue cameras 
•    AHDM: AHD 1.0, works with 960P/720P/960H AHD cameras 
•    AHDH: AHD 2.0, works with 1080P/960P/720P/960H AHD cameras 

Main Advantages of AHD

•    Clear high resolutions images up to 1080P (720P on the DVR) 
•    Uses current infrastructure so no need to run new cables making it faster and easier to upgrade existing systems
•    Low latency, real time images. Faster than IP systems. 
•    Installation procedure remains the same so no need to learn new installation techniques.
•    Can transmit data over much further distances so less chance of image loss. 
•    Backwards compatible with standard cameras. 


Connect up to 4 cameras with audio and video with the AHD-400-GGT.  720P resolution provides high quality recorded images for playback either via the provided software or straight from the device if connected to a monitor.  The DVR supports hard drives up to 2TB 2.5″ Sata either solid state or traditional hard disc drive.

The device features USB support of an external hard drive up to 2TB to increase capacity, mirror the recording or serve for data download.  An SD card slot is present which can take up to 128GB Class 10 to mirror recordings to act as a failsafe in the unlikely event of hard drive failure.  The SD card slot mirror function can be set to record to lower quality video to increase storage capacity.

The removable hard drive tray is built with dampeners to withstand low impacts and vibration. The tray is locked into position rendering the hard drive tamper proof.  There is a USB connection on the rear of the tray to connect to a computer with the provided USB A-B cable, no need to purchase a separate docking station.

Playback software has an AVI converter to change the video format from the encrypted Linux based format to AVI file.  The AVI file can be played independently from the software and sent to others like insurance companies.

Report generator allows for playback images to be printed with map and a section for notes to be written to comment on the event that has been captured.

Recorded data is automatically re-written once storage has become full by default, this can be changed in the system settings.  Three recording modes, power-on, timer and alarm mode. LED status lights displayed on the front of the device give information on recording and hard drive failure.

Eight alarm triggers can be independently set to either start recording or to active screen preview of certain channels.  An alarm trigger can be connected to the indicator relay for a side mounted camera and can be shown on an attached monitor.

8 Levels of recording quality with 4 levels of resolution to improve storage capacity, manually set to either get the best quality footage or the longest recording times.  The highest quality settings using a 2TB hard drive will record for 421 hours continuously at 25fps per channel if all 4 channels are used on 720P (552 hours on D1).

Playback with the supplied software or via the device using the on screen calendar with a monitor, events will be highlight in red and green for easy searching.


  • 4 channel lockable AHD DVR
  • 4 Channel audio/video camera input via screw connection
  • Powers cameras rated 12V DC
  • Supports hard drives up to 2TB
  • SD card support up to 128GB
  • 720P / D1 / HD1 / CIF Resolutions
  • Compatible with AHD1.0 and AHD0.8 systems
  • Supports either all HD, 2 x HD & 2 x SD or all SD
  • AV output to a screen via RCA or VGA
  • Time stamp on recorded footage
  • Records at 25fps(PAL) / 30fps(NTSC) per channel
  • Records 1.2GB per channel per hour
  • 3-Axis accelerometer for G-shock
  • Optional 3G / 4G
  • Can trigger cameras full screen
  • Full function remote control provided
  • Power 10-32V DC
  • 8 Alarm input triggers and 2 alarm outputs at 12V
  • Timer shut off delay up to 24 hours
  • Fully encrypted video files
  • 12 Volt out at 2A
  • Lockable & removable hard drive tray
  • Hard drive tray with USB socket for computer connection
  • Ethernet port
  • USB socket
  • GPS built in (GPS antenna provided)
  • 3 Record modes
  • PTZ camera support
  • Playback software provided
  • Dimensions: 209.7mm(L) x 204mm(W) x 71.3mm(H)

User Manual (.PDF)

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AHD 4 Channel Mobile Digital Video Recorder

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