When you are running your own business, the little things matter. You need to take care of the general running, what is new, what is coming next and sometimes that involves a lot of travel. And while economy on a train or plane will get you there just fine, it can be less than comfortable on long haul flights. And, what about where you’re going to stay?

Let’s talk a bit about how to get the most from your business travel, and how to do it in style even when you are on a budget.

Photo by Andy Beales on Unsplash


Of course, no matter where you go, most of the time after a string of meetings, you’re not going to want to get back in the car or on the train. A great tip is to look for furnished apartments. They are generally cheaper than hotels and come better equipped too. You might opt for one a little out of the centre, and you’ll see a dramatic decrease in price just by that simple change.


If you know you are travelling a lot in the coming weeks, you can look at a business car loan. If you aren’t familiar with an area you are going to, then Google Maps will pretty much have your back. Knowing you have a great car with all the mod-cons will make it a dream to drive every day, and a newer car arriving at meetings always looks slick.

When it comes to travelling by plane, booking early will see you get a great price, and usually, there are days that people typically fly less on. Fridays and Sunday/Monday tend to be pretty busy - so book outside of that if you have the ability too.

Public transport is always an excellent option, but if you choose to travel that way, then you should be mindful to leave early, so you arrive early, and leave room for errors.


If you are travelling to a different country, then try and pick up some of the language used before you go. If you can be polite to staff, it goes a long way - and manners are always stylish. Think about the currency too. Not every card type is accepted in every location, so if you can pick up some cash before you go. Spare change and a few smaller notes would be perfect.

When possible, during waiting times and delays, you can get your laptop out and work too. So that you’re making the most of the time that you have available, that might otherwise be wasted.

Think about having a ‘to go’ bag. Something with toiletries, a toothbrush, chargers and other items that you are going to need on your travels. Plus, pack some spare underwear and sock in there too. As soon as you return from any trip replenish this bag and you won’t ever run out of the essentials.

Remember to check in advance what in your travel itinerary is going to be able to go into your taxables. Keep all of your receipts in a safe place too so that you have all of your paperwork in good order.

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