Upgrading The Technology In Your Car

When we are shopping for a new car, it's easy to spend a fortune on upgrades. From the type of wheels and body kit on the exterior to the entertainment system and driver comfort aids. What can start as a reasonably priced car, ends up costing us thousands more. You may also have an older car that you don't want to sell, but you lack connectivity or a decent sound system. 

We see people customise their cars every day, changing the exhaust system or upgrading the performance with a remap, but did you know it's quite simple to upgrade the technology in your car too! 

Think about one of the first things you did to your car when you started your driving lessons. Chances are you upgraded the stereo to give you a better sound system. With auction sites, it's pretty easy to buy a new head unit, wire in your upgraded speaker, and off you go. Now you are an adult, and you are probably craving systems such as ApplePlay, cruise control and reverse parking sensors. All of this is achievable with retrofit parts. 

DAB is a radio that picks up a digital signal. This gives you a much clearer sound. You can upgrade your old stereo with a little bit of rewiring and some windscreen antennas. You might want to check out what systems your manufacturer makes and see if you could simply unplug an old unit and replace it with another. You might find a DAB unit including sat-nav. The cost to do this can be anywhere between £150 if you source the unit and do the work yourself, right up to £600 for a fully fitted up to date unit. 

Many modern cars come with reverse cameras as standard. These sensors alert you to the proximity of objects you may hit while manoeuvring your vehicle. You can buy camera kits from as little as £60 and fit them yourself. However, your system will need a 12V socket to run off. This may mean working wiring through your car unless you have a socket in the rear of your vehicle. You could ask your local garage if they would help fit your system for you, they will charge you less than a specialist. 

If you want some real luxury added to your vehicle, then heated seats are the way forward! If you have a strong understanding of wiring looms and aren't afraid of some serious DIY, then you can fit integrated heated seats yourself. The pads cost around £65.00 to buy, which is way under the listed price on a new vehicle spec sheet. If you aren't confident with fitting, you will need a specialist who will add labour costs to the price. Do your research, and you could soon have a nice warm derriere on a winters morning! 

If you want a straightforward solution to playing music from your smartphone, then an aux port will work brilliantly. This is a very simple component to fit and will give you access to all your favourite playlists!