The First Time What Every First-time Buyer Should Know

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We can look back on our first car with the combination of fondness but also embarrassment. Regardless of whether you were a good or a bad driver you know that when you went into the dealership or approached the private seller that you were putty in their hands. But you've learnt from these problems. With this in mind, what wisdom would you pass on to someone buying their first car?

You Don't Have To Buy Brand New

Your first car should be a used one. We have to remember that every car will lose approximately 15% to 25% of its value every year over the next five years. And this means that it's a good idea to go for a used vehicle. It doesn't have to be perfect. But the great thing is that there are plenty of dealerships like Belmont Autos that can guide you in that direction. A used car isn't a bad thing. And besides, if you can't bear to buy a used car you could see if there is an ex-display model. At the very least this hasn't got the mileage of a used vehicle.

Set Your Budget Early On

The budget can go by the wayside when we see what we think is the perfect vehicle. But you've got to set the budget and then decide on the car. In order to calculate your costs, you have got to work out your basic cost of living and other expenses in your life such as socialising, and if you can set aside a certain amount you know that you will be able to keep up the repayments on the car but also get fuel. And let's not forget insurance; insurance can be more expensive at the very outset. And this could be one of the bigger expenses but the more you are on the road without an accident this will go in your favour.

Look At Your Lifestyle

Getting a car isn't just a fashion statement; it's something that you need to know should get you from A to B without an issue. So many people go for those trendy Mini Coopers or Fiat 500s but they are only built for inner-city driving. And if you plan on going on long trips to see friends in far-flung places you've got to get something that will go the distance. Rather than getting small and expensive cars, you can go for something a little bit sturdier like a hatchback.

Never Underestimate Your Safety

You may find a bargain but it's not 100% perfect. The most important thing to think about is that you need to be safe when you are on the roads. And this may mean going for a car that's a bit more expensive. But it's worth it in the long run. If you start to look at the journeys you make, especially in inner cities or on busy motorways, you will be grateful that if you got into an accident that the car took the damage rather than yourself.