Stay Safe Driving In The City

It's important to remain safe when driving anywhere but the city can be particularly daunting for many. It's busy, lots of things going on and pedestrians about, it can make driving in the city stressful. So let's look at some tips that can really help during the busy spring season. 

Photo: Pixabay

Avoid busy periods and rush hours

If you have to arrange a meeting, then avoiding the city may be difficult. Although try and make any social events at different hours so you can avoid the busiest times of day for driving which are 7am to 9pm, and 4pm to 6pm which is when most workers are coming home and are on the road.  With a larger number of cars on the road, there is a higher risk of collision as everyone is focused on getting from A to B. Avoiding rush hour traffic also ensures that you can avoid any issues and traffic problems that can induce anxiety and stress. It isn't about being a bad driver, it's about being a sensible driver.


Plan the route and alternatives 

A lot of cars now come with in-built SatNavs or mapping systems, if you are looking for a new or used car, you can find the ones that have the best systems for you, you may opt to look somewhere like Reynolds Motor Group. Although you must know that SatNav isn't always possible to attain so you should not only rely on these systems and the same for a smartphone. Know your route and know alternatives if the traffic gets bad or if the road is closed off.  But remember, in larger cities sometimes the buildings can block out the signal, so we'd always recommend preparing the night before and having a look at a map so you at least have a vague idea of where you're supposed to be driving. 


Park in a safe spot 

On city streets, you can be sure that parking is expensive and street parking can be tricky to get in and out of. There may be restrictions so you can't park on side streets and main roads and must use a designated car parking lot or a multi story. This is secure and much easier and can often be cheaper in the long run. This is a safer option for those who do not like driving through the streets and can keep others safe as well. 

So be safe, be more confident driving in cities by practising but not at the prime times when you know that is going to be affecting your mood and your stress level as this will mean you will not function the same way. You can enjoy the benefits of safer driving by following some simple trips and getting used to the road. Stay safe, know your car, get reliable checks, know your routes and be sensible. You might not be driving in a city this weekend; why not opt for a country break instead?! Get away from the hustle and bustle!