Make Your Car Look Like New

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There are things you can do to your car to make it look newer than it actually is. Some of these things involve just some hard work, whiles others might need you to spend a little money. Making your car look better is a worthwhile task, whether it is just for yourself or because you want to sell it, you will be happier with the overall effect.

Clean It Thoroughly

This does not mean just give it a quick once-over with soapy water and a hose.
You need to give it a deep clean inside and out. Start with the inside and remove anything that will come out, such as floor mats.  Use an upholstery cleaner on the seats and floor, and make sure that there is nothing fallen underneath any of the seats.

While you are caring for the seats you might notice that they are starting to show signs of wear, particularly the ones in the front. This is easily remedied by putting seat covers on them and certainly is a lot cheaper than buying new seats.

Door pockets can get sticky inside, especially if there are young children putting sweets and messy hands into them. Clean them well and at the same time clean the inside of each door. The dashboard and all the accessories and switches it has all need a thorough clean but make sure the engine is switched off while you are doing this.

The inside of the windows need to be cleaned and you should pay particular attention to getting the windscreen clean. Don’t forget to give inside the boot a good clean as well, as you may be surprised how dirty this can get.

When you get to the outside, remember that when you have a new car, the wheels are always spotless. Clean the bodywork of your car, and make sure you clean the wheels too. This can be a bit awkward, but a sturdy brush will help to make them look as good as new.

When the outside and been washed and the cleansing products washed, leave it to dry and then use some polish to bring your paintwork to a great condition. Ones containing wax will give the best finish as well as helping to protect your bodywork from the rain.

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Change Number Plates

The way the number plate system works in the UK, anybody can tell at a glance how old a car is. The best way around this is to look at private number plates, as with one of these on your car no one would have any idea of its age. They can be as cheap as £25 up to many thousands. It depends on that you want your number plate to be. Most people opt for initials, either of their name or perhaps their business, but it could be anything at all.

You just have to remember that whatever price you pay there will be transfer fees on top. These charges also apply if you buy a new car and want to put your old number plate on it. When you are transferring a plate from vehicle to vehicle, DVLA charges a fee of £80.

Change The Lenses

Over the last few years, there have been many cars on the market that have a plastic covering over the lights. Over time, this will start to become dull and probably well scratched from stones and stuff from off the road hitting them. You do not have to change the whole lighting unit, just the plastic lens at the front. This will make your car look brighter when the lights are on, and changing these are additional safety as well as making your car look better.


If the paintwork on your car looks dull no matter how much you polish it, the time may have come to re-spray it. A high-quality coat of paint applied by professionals can make your car look as new as when it first came out of the showroom. This is your chance to change the colour as well if you would like something different to what it already was.

There is also the option of car wrapping. This is a layer of vinyl that will literally be wrapped around your car. It will protect your paintwork from the damage the weather can do and from any minor scuffs. It has a lifespan of about 5 years when it can either be just taken off or replaced with another wrap. Just like with the paints, there are endless colours to choose from.