How to Ensure You Pass Your Driving Test the First Time

Anyone nearing their driving test wants to make sure they pass it the first time. No one wants to have to deal with the stress and trouble that comes with needing to retake it numerous times until the pass is achieved. But what does it actually take to ensure you pass your driving test the first time?

The truth is there are lots of different things that'll help you to put yourself in the best position to pass at the first time of asking. There's no silver bullet answer but there are lots of smaller things that you can do that'll help you to achieve that pass right away. Read on to find out all about them.

Work on Staying Calm and Avoiding Panic

First of all, you need to think about how your general disposition and attitude will impact your ability to pass your test the first time. If you're going into this as a bag of nerves and you're panicking before the car is even in motion, you're probably going to be more likely to make mistakes. And that's not what you want to happen in the middle of your first driving test. Work on staying calm and find techniques that help you to shut out stress and panic as you get closer to the test day.

Complete the Test in the Car You Feel Comfortable In

When it comes to choosing which car you want to take the test in, you should always opt for the vehicle in which you feel most comfortable. If you've been taking tests in your instructors car and this is the only car that you know well, be sure to take the test in this car because it will put you at ease. You don't want to be taking your test in a car that's completely foreign to you because that only makes getting everything right on the day even harder for you.

Practice and Get to Know a Variety of Routes

Practicing various routes in your area and getting to know them well is really important if you're going to have a smooth test. Of course, you can't know for sure where the test instructor is going to tell you to go. This is in their hands and they're not going to tell you ahead of the day where you're going to drive. But by getting to know all of the most commonly used routes and major roads in your area, you'll have a good chance of being familiar with wherever he chooses to take you.

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Choose the Driving School Very Carefully

Going back to the start, it's important to ensure you choose the driving school you work with very carefully. It's always best to work with the professionals who know what it takes to teach a person how to drive. Getting a parent to teach you is probably not a great idea because they don't have that professional experience and it might also lead to friction between the two of you, which is not what you want. Instead, be sure to take lessons with a quality driving school from day one.

Don't Take Your Theory Knowledge for Granted

Many learner drivers focus so much on the practical driving element of learning that they make the mistake of overlooking the theory side of things. You don't want to take these things for granted because the theory exam is just as important as the practical one. If you don't pass the theory test, you won't be getting your license and it'll delay the entire process. Don't make the mistake that so many other learner drivers make.

Do a Mock Test

As you get closer to your test, whether it's the theory test or the practical driving test, it's a good idea to have a mock test carried out. This is something that your instructor should be able to help you with. Simply ask them to treat you as they would  if they were carrying out a driving test and then see how you perform under those conditions. You might then find things you need to improve at and you can work on those things ahead of the actual driving test.

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Prepare Well the Evening and Morning Before the Test

Preparing well the evening and morning before the driving test is very important. You want to make sure that you get a full night's sleep and that you don't end up sleeping in on the morning of the test. Try to go to bed early, get the rest you need and then get up early and be ready to go. Eat breakfast that morning and stay properly hydrated in the lead up to the start time of the test. All of these things make a difference and shouldn't be overlooked.

Get There on Time

If you want to make sure that you get there on time, it makes sense to aim to get there very early. The last thing you want is to get delayed or caught in traffic on the way to the test centre. This will delay the start of the test and also make you far more likely to feel stressed out in the lead up to the test which is not what you want.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Finally, you'll want to make sure that you're practicing, practicing and practicing more in the lead up to the test. If there's anything you're not too good at or anything you want to get a little better at, communicate this to your instructor and work on those areas of your driving together as you get closer to the test day.

If you want to make sure you pass the first time and you don't have to retake and retake, be sure to make the most of the tips above. None of them are going to guarantee you pass first time, but when added together, they give you a much better shot at doing exactly that. That's what matters most.