How easy is car amplifier fitting?

Last week I made a post about the importance of setting up your car amplifier and how the new smart amps can make proper setup easy.

In it, we discuss the novel Kicker Smart Amplifier which comes with a microphone and computerised programming.

You can read the article here

If you are more discerning and want the best sound quality, then it has to be Audison Prima.

The Prima car amplifiers range from a Monoblock single channel and 4 channel amps starting at £319.99 all the way to the 9 channel Forsa amp at £999.99.

These amplifiers all have inbuilt DSP circuitry (see the previous article for an explanation) and can be set up by ear or using the Bit Tune computerised microphone equipment that some Four master dealers have in their workshops.

But. How easy it to fit?

There are a few easy plug and play upgrade amplifiers available however the limitations in the power supply because these kits only use the existing radio wiring means limited lower power results.

Easy is a relative term, even the plug and play solutions require you to remove the head unit from the dash so if this is beyond your abilities you should call in the specialists.

We have attempted to make it easier for all competent DIY fans by bundling all the connection parts for your specific vehicle.

The bundle contains a T-harness allowing quick safe connection to the head units speaker outputs and speaker connections, the 5.6m extension lead allows installation in the boot of your vehicle.

The power kit supplied means you can take advantage of the full power ratings of your Audison Prima amplifier when connected directly to the vehicle battery.

You can find them all here...

Suitable for use with:

Audison Prima AP8.9bit

Audison Prima AP5.9bit

Audison Prima AP4.9bit

We hope you find these articles useful and if you use any of our kits to upgrade the sound system in your car, please send us pictures and tell us your story. We will feature them in our blog posts.