How complicated can a simple job be?

Outlander Vehicles, a good customer of ours asked us to move some switches on this custom Defender. He did not want the run of the mill dash for this vehicle so the custom parts to install the Pioneer double din head unit AVH Z9200DAB were fabricated and installed.

Outlander made a new brushed aluminum switch panel with round silver flush fitting switches, to be installed in the center arm rest of the vehicle. 

switch panel

The positioning of this panel meant that the wiring from the old dash mounted switches had to be extended to the new position.

Land Rover dash switches

The original hazard warning switch is a multi throw mechanical device which required the complicated wiring of four relays to facilitate the simple touch switch on the new panel. See the diagram below... 

I am sure the lucky owner of this unique car will be blissfully unaware of the work and craftsmanship that has gone into this installation, but I am sure they will be happy.