Hertz audio - 25 YEARS OF SOUND EXPERIENCE (Video)

Hertz Live channel presents: The genesis and technological secrets of a revolutionary brand. This is a technical video and it explains in layman's terms, much of the complicated acoustical technology behind this excellent brand.


Mille Legend 26mm Tweeter Set Neodymium ML 280.3

Mille ML 700.3 3" (7cm) Neodymium Midrange Set

Mille ML 1650.3 Woofer Set Neodymium 165mm/6.5"

Mille Legend ML 2500.3 10inch subwoofer

You can also buy a two way or three way set Hertz Mille Legend High End 6.5" (16.5cm) 2-Way Component System MLK1650.3