DVC or SVC speakers, what's the difference?

Spot the difference

 DVC or SVC Car Speakers

Both of these Classic Car Speakers have almost identical dimensions, but one is sold in pairs, and one is sold singly.

Older cars used to have a mono radio with a centre dash speaker to play their single audio output.

So when you replace that radio with a Retrosound Stereo unit but want to keep the car's original look, you would use the DVC (Dual Voice Coil) single replacement speaker in the middle of the dashboard.

Some people get confused by (Dual Voice Coil) being sold in singles and SVC (Single Voice Coil) being sold in pairs.

There are many online articles explaining the uses of DVC Subwoofers and other reasons for using multiple coil speakers. For simplicity this article is for our Classic car speaker range only.

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Range of DVC Classic Car Speakers

Speaker phasing is something else to consider, especially when you fit DVC speakers.

What is Phasing?

When you fit two speakers on either side of the car, in the doors or kick panels (usually pointing at each other), it is essential to make sure the speaker wires are connected correctly and matched to the negative and positive outputs on the radio. Correct phasing means the speaker cones both move out and in unison.

If the speakers are wired anti-phase, you will notice a marked reduction in audio output due to the cones cancelling each other out.

Fortunately, getting the phasing wrong is difficult with our Retrosound products since the wires are all coded and terminated, so that it should be impossible to connect them wrong unless you have cut and joined the wires.

We sell many car speakers from quality manufacturers like Audison, Hertz and Alpine etc. Retrosound have designed their speakers with the Classic Car enthusiast in mind. High-quality materials and low profile neodymium magnets coupled with clever design and particular dimensions to suit all applications make Retrosound the perfect choice.