Don't Buy Another Dashcam Until You Read This

Thinking about a dashcam? Dashcams are becoming increasingly useful in clearing up insurance claims, road collisions and other driving incidents.


The latest market study titled Global Car Dashcam Market Growth 2020-2025 combines market essential details, definitions, categorization, professional market study, and analysis of significant features. (featured image courtesy of

Road users have sent more than 50,000 dashcam recordings of potential traffic offices to police forces since 2017, with one-third resulting in action. Police forces across the UK receive more than 35 pieces of footage every day, according to a freedom of information request sent to every UK constabulary by What Car. Just over 10% of the incidents captured on film were severe enough to warrant a court prosecution and 9.6% resulted in a Fixed Penalty Notice

When you find yourself behind the steering wheel, it pays to have a camera in tow in case something happens. After all, you can't expect everyone to drive safely as you do, but what is a good Dashcam? Are they not all the same?. Youtube is full of entertaining videos of idiot drivers on our roads, but check out the image quality of some of them.

You could try building your own Dashcam with With The Raspberry Pi Zero W if you are handy, for the rest of us, what should we be looking for?

Want to know which is the best dash cam? Over the years we have tried and tested dozens from different suppliers and concluded that Thinkware is currently one of the best.


Other Dash Cams that we have tried tend to damp out the DAB signal on some cars. This is due to spurious RF transmissions from the camera which is picked up on the glass mount DAB antenna in most modern cars.

The image quality and ability to resolve number plate information, especially in low light conditions could be the difference in a successful insurance claim or not.

The ability to continue recording video after the car has been parked can catch out the supermarket trolly dink'er or someone parking badly and hitting your car.

With Thinkware the parked up timing can be extended with a separate battery to keep the recording running all night.

The GPS feature is handy when playing back the video to see on the map exactly the position of any incidents.

The ability to review the footage directly on your phone without having to remove the SD card is handy (only while you are in or near the car).

Should you buy a dashcam to cut the cost of your car insurance premium?

There is no guarantee that your insurance will reward you but speaking from personal experience I can testify that providing evidential footage of an incident definitely helped conclude a claim in my favour. The other driver had no leg to stand on once the video was shown.

Is it worth buying a cheap dash cam?

It can be hard to resist the temptation of a budget-friendly dash cam on sites like Amazon & eBay but you only get what you pay for and a camera with a low resolution on a shakey bracket would be less than useless when you need the video evidence. Spend a wee bit more and get quality.

Where's the best place to fit it?

We will professionally fit your dashcam in the centre of your windscreen, behind the rearview mirror. Ensuring it does not obstruct your forward vision. Driving with it either blocking your view or showing a live image could land you in trouble with the police. All wiring is hidden and carefully routed away from any airbags and wiring looms etc. 

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