Car Upgrades You Absolutely Need In Your Life

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If you think that car upgrades are solely for boy racers, you're sadly mistaken. It turns out that there actually a wide range of upgrades that are well worth spending your money on. Check them out below. 

Better Tyres

Buying better tyres for your vehicle might be one of the most important things you do. In slippery situations, it could save your life.

Tyres quality varies dramatically from one make to another. If you want more grip on the road when taking corners, look for softer compounds. These don't always last as long, but they radically reduce your stopping distance, preventing you from becoming a liability on the road. 

Roof Rack

There are still people who buy vehicles but never bother fitting the roof rack. These guys are missing out. Roof racks are one of the most versatile components you can add to a car, helping you to improve storage capacity and freeing up your boot tremendously. Think about the difference between loading a car up with bikes in the back compared to putting on the roof. There's no comparison. 

Tow Bar

If you've been on sites like looking for caravans, you'll need a tow bar. These fixtures allow you to tow pretty much anything you like, so long as you have the right attachment, making them ideal for both going on holiday and general utility. 

When choosing a tow bar, look for one that is compatible with your vehicle. Also, be sure that the spec can support whatever it is that you want to tow. 

Suspension Replacement Parts

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It might not sound like the sexiest thing in the world, but investing in suspension replacement parts can make a considerable difference in your ride quality. 

Over time, small rubber segments in your car's suspension system begin to fatigue. When they do, it reduces the quality of your ride. 

We recommend replacing your rubber grommets every year or so to keep everything supple and reduce wear and tear on more expensive elements. 


Have you ever thought about what might happen if your car rolled over? Most manufacturers strengthen pillars in their vehicles to keep the occupants safe. But, even so, they might not provide the support you need in the event of an accident says

If you're the sort of person who likes to take their vehicle offroad, it is a good idea to invest in proper roll bars. These provide steel reinforcement to your vehicle's chassis, preventing it from deforming in the event that you end up upside down. 

A Stripped-Down Interior

Modern cars are bulky and carry a lot of excess weight. The main reason for this comes down to their hefty interiors. Manufacturers include all sorts of paraphernalia and additional materials to make their cockpits look attractive to the average buyer. But if you're interested in getting maximum performance from your vehicle, then a lot of it is just dead weight holding you back. 

Just remember, if you do start ripping stuff out, it'll adversely affect your comfort levels.