Car Maintenance Tips Every Driver Must Know

Even though public transportation and ride-sharing options are on the rise, the freedom and convenience of car ownership cannot be easily replaced. The main problem is that cars require maintenance, and a lot of that can be rather expensive. Then there is the matter of wear and tear and accidental damage. It could be that you ran a curb, in which case Bolton's Alloy Wheel Repair Services can help. On the other hand, it could be more complex; you could have mechanical or electronic damages that need the attention of professional repair specialists. More important than finding the best audio for your car is keeping your vehicle in pristine condition.

Fortunately, there are some basics that you can take care of yourself. Basics that don't require too much understanding of the mechanical intricacies of modern-day vehicles. Here we look at some of the essential maintenance you can and should know how to do.

Checking Oil Levels

This one is pretty important. An important factor to keep your car running smoothly is to make sure that you always have the appropriate oil level. An oil leak can be a source of principal and expensive to repair motor problems. Checking your car's oil level is pretty straightforward. First, park your vehicle on level ground. Any incline will affect your measurement. Then, with your car parked and the engine turned off, locate the oil dipstick and remove it carefully.

The current level won't offer you any helpful insight. So first, wipe the dipstick down with a clean cloth. Then, push it back into the tube and remove it once again. This reading should now reflect an accurate oil level. If the measurement is between the two dots, your oil level is satisfactory.

Jumpstarting The Battery

Ideally, one would replace a drained car battery. Unfortunately, this isn't always possible or necessary, for that matter. If you find that you are running into frequent problems with the battery, try to replace it rather than continuously running the risk of your car being unable to start. Given that your battery has died for a good reason, it will probably run fine after a jumpstart if you accidentally left the headlights on. To jumpstart your battery, you will need assistance from a second vehicle with a working battery.

Park the vehicles facing each other and turn both cars' engines off. It would be best to start by attaching the jumper cable's red clip to the positive connector on the working battery and then to the positive connector of the battery you plan to jumpstart. Next, you will attach the black clip to the negative node on the working battery and then to an unpainted metal point on the second vehicle.

Tire Pressure

Vehicle tire pressure is one thing that you know is pretty important, even if you aren't sure why. Your tire pressure directly impacts every aspect of your car, its performance, and its handling. Aside from that, tires that are kept at the incorrect pressure, be it too high or too low, are at a greater risk of damage and even bursting. 

Be sure that you know the correct pressure for your specific vehicle model. There are differences based on tire type and size to keep in mind as well. This is all information that you should enquire about from a licensed professional.