Basic Facts About Automotive Thermal Spray Coating Services

Facts and statistics are proving that the automotive thermal spray coating industry is a very profitable one. This is because of its relevance in so many industries. Examples of such industries include the automobile, biomedical, and aerospace industries.


The demand for various thermal spraying services in these industries and several others is responsible for the growth of the market. As a matter of fact, some financial analysts are saying that the market will experience a massive surge in value in the next few years. You can read this article for accurate figures proving the profitability of this industry.

In this article, we are going to explain the basic concept of Thermal Spray Coating and talk about subjects revolving around these procedures. This is especially as it applies to the automobile industry which is one of the industries in high demand for these coating services.

What Is Thermal Spray Coating?


This is a broad range of coating services that make use of a system of spraying the coat on the material substrate using heat. But first, the material that makes up the coat is prepped by being made into a powdery form.

The essence is so that the process will be very easy with the use of the spray gun and equipment at large.


Regardless of the thermal procedure that is employed, the coat is applied right on the surface of the material substrate in the form of semi-molten or molten droplets. This is done with the right amount of heat and the essence is to have the desired effects on the material substrate that is being sprayed.

Especially as it relates to the automobile industry, this thermal spraying process is actively involved in the making, maintenance, and repair of parts such as the:

  • Cylinder Bores

  • Hydraulic Pistons

  • Steering Parts

  • Chassis

  • Suspension Parts

  • Brake System

  • Engine System

  • Drive Train

  • Exhaust Muffle

  • Moulds and Body Panels

  • Transmission

  • Catalytic Converters

For more examples and details on the use of these procedures in the automobile industry, you can visit:

Benefits of Thermal Coating Services in the Automobile Industry

Some of the benefits of these spraying services in the automobile industry include the following: 

Extends the Lifespan of Various Parts of the Automobile

Frankly, various automobile parts are exposed to harsh conditions that can make them wear off easily. As a result, the process of making them must factor this in and ensure that the items manufactured can withstand the harsh conditions.

One of the ways manufacturers go about this is by making extensive use of thermal spraying techniques.

Protects the Sprayed Parts from Oxidation and Corrosion

Corrosion is a no-go area for several parts of the automobile. For instance, the brake pad cannot afford to have so much corrosion as this can be dangerous.

So, this broad range of spraying techniques ensures that these parts of the vehicle do not experience corrosion. Furthermore, depending on the item used as the primary coat, oxidation is also avoided.

It Handles Transfer of Heat Appropriately

Because of how automobiles work, certain parts of the vehicle are exposed to excess heat generated. Examples of these parts include the exhaust muffler and the engine system.

If care is not taken, the sort of heat generated can have adverse effects on these parts and the vehicle at large. To prevent this from happening, the materials used in making these parts as well as the coating technique are very paramount.

Reduces the Emission of Carbon

Speaking of making environmentally-friendly vehicles, thermal spray coating services play a huge part in making this happen.


This is since this spray technique ensures that environmentally-friendly substrate materials can be effectively used. This is even for materials that are hard to use with regular coating procedures.

Cost-Effective Option

There are many ways these procedures are cost-effective. For instance, it reduces oil and fuel consumption when used for certain parts of the vehicle. Furthermore, these procedures make the repairs of certain parts of the vehicle quick and effective.

On a Final Note

Thermal spray coating is a broad term that covers several spraying techniques. An example of such a technique is the plasma technique. These spraying techniques have several benefits and some have been discussed here.


If/when you need to use these techniques, we advise that you find out the best thermal coating procedure for your project and use it.