4 Ways to Modernise a Used Car

Buying a used car is arguably the most economical way to get a car outside of just renting one for a small amount of time. It's a lot cheaper than buying a new car and you'll often save a lot in terms of insurance and other expenses. As long as you pick a reliable used car that is sold by a licensed car dealership, you'll often get many years of use out of a used car.


However, one of the things that might put people off buying a used car is the fact that it doesn't have all of the latest safety technologies and gadgets. Most modern cars come with a plethora of additions that make using your car a lot more comfortable but older vehicles don't usually have that luxury. So to help you modernize your used car, we've put together a brief list of tips that you can follow.


Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/TrvLsDu4sHk (CC0)


Upgrading your sound system


If you use your car for entertainment purposes then it's usually a good investment to upgrade your car studio or sound system. This will provide much better sound quality when you're listening to your music and can even add a few more connectivity options. For example, if your car is relatively old then it might not have Bluetooth compatibility or a way to plug your phone in to play music from it. You can also enhance your car sound system with additions such as a new subwoofer that can add a whole new dimension to your car stereo system. In fact, most modern cars have very weak subwoofers and a simple one-time upgrade can greatly improve the music you listen to.


Adding navigation to your car


A fantastic functional upgrade to add to an older used car is some form of navigation. Luckily, this is fairly simple nowadays thanks to the excellent navigation services we have on our phone. Technically, all you need is a mount for your smartphone to add navigation to your car. However, if you want to go a step further and save yourself some battery life, then a standalone GPS system is perfectly usable too.


Affordable safety improvements


When purchasing older cars, there's a chance that they might not come with the same safety features that you'll find in newer models. It's important that you buy your car from a reputable dealership like Bob Davies Car Sales to ensure that the car is safe to drive and comes with existing safety features, but you could also consider adding a couple of extra improvements to make it even safer. This could include a new rearview mirror, camera kits and also a dashcam.


Add convenience with charging ports


With more and more people using smartphones, tablets and even laptops in their cars, it's become increasingly popular to have charging ports in your vehicle to give juice to your devices. This is great if you need to top up your devices before getting to work, and it also helps if you use your smartphone a navigation device since it won't run out of power.