4 Considerations When Buying A New Motorbike



So you've decided to buy a motorbike, and you're wondering what now? Maybe it's your first bike, or perhaps you're already a bit of a pro? Either way, these five considerations will help you to get the right bike for you.


1. Determine Your Budget


First things first, you'll need to determine your budget before you start shopping around. Remember, your budget should also include the extra costs, including your safety gear, the insurance costs, MOT your maintenance costs. When it comes to safety gear, you'll need the following basic items including:


  • Full Helmet: It's best to choose a full helmet as opposed to a ½ or ¾ helmet (as these offer the most protection).

  • Jacket: When you're choosing your motorbike jacket, it's best to choose leather as opposed to synthetic materials.

  • Motorcycle boots: Motorcycle boots are usually made with thick leather, which offers the abrasion resistance you'll need while riding.


2. New Or Used


When you're buying a motorbike, you'll want to determine whether you'd like to buy a new or a used bike. With a new bike, you'll get the protection of a warranty; however, with a used bike, you'll save money. It depends on your current financial situation and how comfortable you feel about buying a used bike. 


Whether you buy used or new, ensure that you give the bike a proper test drive before you get behind the wheel. When you buy a used motorbike, it's likely that the insurance package will also be significantly cheaper. It's always important to get a full history of the motorbike (including previous damages or potential accidents).


3. Type Of Bike


There are generally six types of motorbikes, including dirt bikes, dual-purpose, standard, touring, cruiser, and sport. The type that you choose largely depends on what you'll be using your motorbike for. Cruisers are best for casual riding about town, while dirt bikes are designed for adventures off-road! A2 bikes are currently very popular across the UK and Europe. Riders will need to obtain an A2 license; this license is designed to help those 19 and older obtain an unrestricted license. As a novice driver, it's best not to choose a bike with an overly powerful engine. You can always graduate to a more powerful bike once you've learnt the ropes!


4. Motorbike Lessons


Perhaps you're new to motorcycling, and this is your first bike? In that case, it can be a good idea to get yourself some motorbike lessons. Riding a bike isn't that easy or safe unless you know what you're doing! With a few lessons, you'll feel more confident and at ease on the roads. Once you've had lessons, it will be easier to determine which bike is suitable for you, based on your current ability. 


There's no need to rush the process of buying a new motorbike, take your time and ensure that you get a vehicle which meets all of your needs!