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Another load of Retrosound Classic Car stereos, speakers, amplifiers and aerials has just landed, and we are happy to announce that the San Diego is back in limited numbers. We have plenty of free stock on the Santa Barbara which is almost identical to the San Diego. Check the comparison chart on this page... 

New Products:

2-way RetroSound 4-Inch Surface Mount Speaker boxes 45W. With Mounting Pods TS42

These RetroSound 4-Inch surface-mount 2-way speakers are an excellent way to upgrade the sound in your classic. They can be mounted under the dash or to any flat surface and make a great option for installations without a lot of space for speakers. They are ideal for many vehicles like Jeeps and other off-road applications that call for a surface-mount type speaker. 2 Meters (6.5-Feet) of speaker wire included.

Retrosound Detroit Ford Mustang Ranchero and Falcon Specific Radio with Bluetooth


Supplied with DETROIT Ford Mustang/Ranchero/Falcon specific Nose, this RetroSound Hermosa DETROIT retains the original look of your classic while offering the most modern features available. Hermosa DETROIT has built-in Bluetooth wireless connectivity, so you can safely make hands-free telephone calls through your audio system and also stream music from any smartphone.

The Detroit is a direct fit replacement for:

  • 1964-66 Mustang
  • 1964-66 Falcon
  • 1964-66 Ranchero

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