Audison Prima APS 10 D Compact 10" subwoofer

A high output shallow-mount 10" subwoofer designed to run in compact enclosures (10 - 12 Litre). Like the rest of the prima range of subwoofers, the drive unit has been designed for optimum output from small enclosures. Many thin subwoofers suffer poor performance when mounted in compact enclosures due to short excursion and cooling requirements. In inimitable Audison style, design effort has been directed at solving these challenges. The result is a range of subwoofers which kick like the proverbial mule even when mounted in tiny spaces!

Technical Specification

Composition: Double coil Subwoofer

Size: mm (inches) 250 (10)

Power Handling: 400 W Continuous Power

800 W Peak Power

Impedance (Ohms): 4 + 4

Sensitivity: 84dB/W/m

Magnet: High-density flux ferrite

Cone: Cotton-Fibre pressed paper

Xmech: 18 (0.71)


Speakers & Subs
  • Subwoofers
  • 10" (25cm)

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Audison Prima APS 10 D Compact 10" subwoofer

  • £219.99