Audio Control

AudioControl processors are designed for OEM integration. Speaker level inputs and line output converters allow you to add after market amplifiers and processors to improve performance without giving up the convenience or look of your factory radio. Audio Control products purchased and installed by us have a nationwide FourMasters guarantee.

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AudioControl 2XS Two Way Electronic Crossover

AudioControl 2XS A state-variable, 18 dB/octave, 2-way electronic crossover designed with a flexibl..


AudioControl 6XS Six Way Electronic Crossover

The 6XS does it all. Sharp 24 dB/octave Linkwitz-Riley alignment   crossover with remote level contr..


AudioControl EPIC 160 - In-Dash Car Audio Bass Maximizer

AudioControl EPIC 160 For the best bass possible and a way to measure how loud your system is playin..


AudioControl EQL Dual Band-width Equalizer/ Line Driver

The EQL works wonders with any 2 channel audio system: From   existing factory installed setups to c..


AudioControl EQS 20 Band Six Channel Equalizer/ Line Driver

Great sound for six channels, all in one unit. Separate inputs and equalization for front, rear, and..


AudioControl EQX 13 Band Equalizer, Crossover and Line Driver

An impressive update of the first serious car equalizer/crossover.   Thirteen-band dual bandwidth eq..


AudioControl Four.1i In-Dash Equalizer Line Driver

If your performance car audio system is designed for maximum sound   quality and maximum control, th..


AudioControl LC2i Channel Line Output Converter inc AccuBASS Processor

Maximum Bass Response From Factory Installed Audio Systems The LC2i, is a compact, two-channel pr..


AudioControl LC6i Six Channel OEM interface

This unique product will accept two, four, or six channels of speaker-level signal from an amplifier..


AudioControl LC7 Six Channel Line Output Converter.

AudioControl LC7 Six Channel Line Output Converter With Auxiliary Input Open the door to better sou..


AudioControl LC8 Eight Channel OEM Interface

The LC8 from AudioControl is the latest addition to our line of OEM interface products that connect ..


AudioControl LCQ1 6 Channel Line Output Converter.

Audio enthusiasts can now rejoice with the introduction of AudioControl’s LCQ-1, a powerful six-chan..


AudioControl Matrix Plus Six Channel Line Driver inc RLC

AudioControl created the MATRIX PLUS six channel line driver with one goal in mind, to make your car..


AudioControl Overdrive Pre-Amp Line Driver

Give your system the boost that it needs. The high headroom power supply of the Overdrive raises any..


AudioControl The Epicenter Special Processor

Adding impactful bass to your factory installed system is simple with The Epicenter & Epicenter® Plu..


AudioControl Three.2i In-Dash Equalizer/ Crossover/ Line Driver

The THREE.2 is AudioControl’s in-dash car audio processor that   combines a four-band stereo E..


Remote for AudioControl Processors ACR-1 & ACR-2

ACR 1 for The Epicenter LC2i LC6i LC7i Matrix PLUS Overdrive PLUS 6XS ACR 2 for LC7..


The Epicenter In-Dash Digital Bass Restoration with OEM inteface.

If you want the best bass possible and a way to measure how loud your system is playing, The Epicent..


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