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  • Alpine 12" (30cm) High Performance Subwoofer Package - SBG-30KIT

Alpine 12" (30cm) High Performance Subwoofer Package - SBG-30KIT

Attractive "All-in-one-box" Bass Upgrade Kit - SBG-30KIT
This product is a bundle consisting of the digital V-Power  mono amplifier MRV-M250, the 12" (30cm) bass reflex subwoofer SBG-30BR and an included high quality wiring kit.
Remote Bass Level Control included.


  •     SBG-30BR: 12” (30cm) Type-G Bass Reflex Subwoofer (2Ohm)
  •     MRV-M250: Digital V-POWER Mono Amplifier
  •     High Quality Wiring Kit
  •     Remote Bass Level Control   

Boxed Subwoofer

  •     12” (30cm) Type-G Bass Reflex
  •     800W Peak Power Handling (2 Ohms)
  •     Included Protection Bars
  •     Dimensions: 383mm(W) x 390mm(H) x 304mm / 411mm(D)


  •     550 Watts Max. Power
  •     Adjustable Low Pass Filter, 50-400Hz @24dB/oct.
  •     Variable Bass EQ (fc=50Hz), 0 to +12dB
  •     RCA & Speaker Inputs
  •     Dimensions: 190mm(W) x 55mm(H) x 200mm(D)

Wiring Kit

  •     5m RCA Cable with Remote Line
  •     6m Battery Cable, incl. Fuse Holder and Fuse
  •     1m Ground Cable
  •     2m Speaker Cable

Remote Control

  •     12dB of linear Adjustment Range
  •     5m Connection Cable included
  •     Easy plug and play Installation
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  • 12" (30cm)

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Alpine 12" (30cm) High Performance Subwoofer Package - SBG-30KIT

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