• Aerial groundplane tape

Aerial groundplane tape

ALUMINIUM GROUNDPLANE TAPE (Small roll) 75mm x 45m roll or (Large) 300mm x 45m roll

This tape is ideal for use with our ANT-536 96 Db gain TV or any antenna if used on non metallic surfaces.

A poor quality or badly installed antenna will not only affect the performance of the communications equipment, but can also cause electromagnetic interference to the vehicle which in extreme cases could affect the operation of safety critical systems.

The base of a car aerial is fitted to a conductive panel, (the ground plane) to which the coax feeder cable connects. In some applications (plastic or fibreglass panels) a conductive ground plane is not present. Applications of this ground plane tape is the answer.

The ground plane, (providing it is of adequate size), replicates the counterpoise element of the dipole. The inner conductor of the coaxial cable feeds the signal to the top of the base and then to the radiating element.

The ground plane needs to be a minimum size for best antenna performance and this is related to the wavelength of the frequency to be used. With the antenna mounted in the centre of the ground plane, the radius of this should be ¼ wave length

  • For use with many applications, including acting as a groundplane for roof mounted antennas.
  • Aluminium Foil tapes offer excellent conformability. They are also water resistant and offer a total vapour barrier.
  • White siliconised release liner and are very easy to unwind.
  • Fully anneeled and are as soft as production processes allow.
  • Emulsion based acrylic adhesive. Acrylic adhesive increases its bond with age, conversely, it will also peel clean if left for a short period of time.
  • Easy to tear.
Driver Aids
  • Aerials
Car Antenna
  • Antenna accessories

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Aerial groundplane tape

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