Skinz Car Sound Improvement System. Skinz 3 Pack

Skinz pack 3 the complete Sound Improvement and Protection System.

1 - Reference Sound Damping
2 - Acoustic Sound Wave Defuser
3 - Moisture Guard for Speakers

Skinz comprises three separate products which, when used together, not only deaden door panels but also diffuse and attenuate reflected sound waves as well as protecting cones and baskets from water ingress.

Speaker design has come full circle in some respects with many manufacturers once more using pressed steel baskets and paper or paper compound cones. These are susceptible over long periods to the effects of moisture ingress. Skinz practically eradicates the problem by establishing a damp-proof barrier between the door skin and the rear of the speaker. Our tests have also shown significant sonic benefits when compared to other deadening materials.

The primary layer is a 3mm polymeric sheet incorporating a diffusing layer of metalised film. Thicker than it's rivals the deadening properties are superior to many alternative products on the market. Layer two is a poly-compound foam with an undulating profile which, is particularly effective at diffusing mid and low-bass sound waves ensuring back waves are kept to an absolute minimum in turn, ensuring a tighter and more punchy response. The final layer is made of acoustically transparent open-cell synthetic foam, which prevents moisture from passing through.

The manufacturers are so confident of the benefits of Skinz that they will increase the warranty of Rainbow and Genesis speakers from two to three years when Skinz 3 Pack is used in the installation.

Skinz is available in a pack which will treat 30cm X 30cm

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Skinz Car Sound Improvement System. Skinz 3 Pack

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