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RK36S touchkey for the Meta M36T, M36T2, M36/5

RK36S touchkey for the Meta M36T, M36T2, M36/5 and M33 range of immobilisers. Supplied with programming instructions. This key will also function with the Serpi Star Gemel 733 immobiliser.

Please note you will require a working touchkey to program a new key into the immobiliser brain. If this key is lost or damaged (non functioning) you will have to replace or remove the entire unit.

Once a RK36S touchkey has been programmed into either the M33 or M36 immobiliser unit it will be impossible to program the same key into another immobiliser. For this reason we are unable to take back unwanted touchkeys.

Both the M33 and M36 can accept up to 5 keys, when this maximum is reached the immobiliser brain cannot accept another key. As the M36 immobiliser comes with two touchkeys as standard there are only three spaces left for coding new fobs, if the M36T has been paired with the M99T2 another 'space' is used. This key will not operate with any other system other than the M33 & M36 range of immobilisers & the Serpi Star/Gemel 733 immobiliser.

Supplied with comprehensive programming instructions. This is for one RK36S, adjust quantity if more than one required

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RK36S touchkey for the Meta M36T, M36T2, M36/5

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