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Car gadgets are everywhere these days. Walk into your local Halfords shop and you’ll find an array of gizmos which, apparently, are the must-have features. You can even shop in a supermarket and come across a range of car gadgets. For the most part, they are marketing ploys playing on the consumerist mentality. Some aren’t effective whatsoever.

However, there is one which stands out above the rest – a dashboard camera. Typically, you see them on trucks or company cars or learner vehicles and don’t think twice. Well, here are four reasons why you should jump on the bandwagon and install one on your dash.

It Collects Evidence

Car insurance premiums skyrocket after a crash. An accident is one of the main things that will spike the cost of your policy because they need to get their money back. Still, the amount you have to pay in the future depends on your liability. Was it your fault? Did you make a mistake while driving? If the answer is no, the claim will go through the other driver’s insurance company and leave your no claims untouched. However, courts need proof as most people deny being at fault. A dash cam records the incident and provides evidence in case of a dispute.

It Apportions Blame

Not from an insurance point of view but a legal one. An accident can be a small scrape which results in nothing more than a police report and swapping details. However, it can also be a major incident where you end up with an injury. Most motorists think it will never happen but it’s the luck of the draw. And, the injuries can be pretty severe. You can view for more. With the evidence from the recording, you can apportion blame and sue for compensation. After all, you may need the money to pay for medical bills and a loss of earnings.

It Lifts Standards

The simple fact is this – motorists understand the consequences. They know that a basic incident can backfire on them quite spectacularly. With a dash cam, anyone can end up paying more in insurance fees and compensation, which is pretty scary. The obvious solution is not to cause a crash, and that’s where standards come into play. Because most people hate the idea of being involved in an accident and being culpable, they drive with safety in mind. It’s no coincidence standards are o the rise and dash cams are common.

It Acts As A Monitor

1984 is a story, yet your teenager will think it’s based on true events. Seventeen-year-olds have to learn to drive sometime, and when they do, they want a car. Parents, if they don’t buy them one, will add them to their insurance. The problem is the boy racer mentality. With the music pumping and their mates in the passenger seats, they take risks and drive dangerously. A dash cam monitors their habits so that you can keep them safe by shouting at them or taking them off the insurance. Check out for supplementary features.

How do you feel about a dash cam? Is it high on your list of must-have features?

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