Audio sound upgrade BMW 3 Series (E90/E92)

CarAudioStuff In Car Electronics SpecialistsI posted in April about how bad BMW standard factory audio systems are ( BMW Great car, crap sound!) and how the Audison Bit ten audio sound upgrade was a solution. Since then we have done a number of sound upgrades which are easier on the pocket than the Audison system and according to our happy customers are a quantum leap in sound quality and at a little under £800 fully fitted this system rocks.

We used Hertz Energy ESK 163L three way components and a HE2 two channel amplifier. You would need to buy from BMW the A-Pillar housings for the tweeters (£80.00 from BMW spares). We also supply high quality speakers cable and some Skinz sound deadening material.

You could buy the parts and DIY fit for under £500 but be prepared to get serious with the Jig saw, MDF, Glue and you will need specialist tools to get the panels off this car.

Since the BMW original sound system rely on four inch mid drivers in the door and six inch ported enclosures under the seats you can imagine the single biggest difference to the staging and separation that fitting the tweeters makes. We then make MDF rings and fit the new Hertz 4″ drivers in the doors. The passive crossovers being fitted out of sight behind the dash panels. We then remove the front seats and fabricate in MDF a new housing for the 6″ units. The HE2 high power amplifier accepts high level speaker inputs and when it is mounted in the boot well we only need short feed and earth runs to the rear mounted battery thus optimizing the power supply. A few final tweaks to the level settings and it’s time to watch the smile creep over the customers face when he sits in it for the first time.

Seldom do we get the satisfaction of creating such a dramatic difference in a vehicles sound system. BMW did us a favor by making such a bad setup in the first place and you might argue that simply fitting a set of tune up tweeters to this car would make a vast difference and you would be right but the Hertz components married to the HE amplifier is simply stunning.

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